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Bringing back the art of real dialogue

Are you an experienced people leader who wants to take your influence to the next level? Are you having the tough conversations but not seeing the desired change in people? Perhaps you’re avoiding the challenging issues, or not saying what needs to be said?


Project Talk Club sessions will equip you with practical strategies to tackle critical conversations about challenging issues. You’ll learn new skills that can be applied immediately.

A series of virtual zoom sessions that are light on lecture and heavy on interaction.

At the heart of each session is a live action case study that allows you to witness a scripted scenario based on extensive research and performed by actors. You can then critique the conversation, ask questions, explore alternative approaches and apply new strategies to improve the outcomes. Interactive learning at its best, come and be a fly on the virtual meeting room wall.

The sessions will help you:

  • Elevate performance in your team.

  • Create the conditions for motivation, collaboration and accountability.

  • Communicate with greater presence or ‘gravitas’.

  • Cut through and influence stakeholders.  

  • Navigate emotionally charged conversations about challenging issues.

  • Collaborate with other leaders on communication challenges.

Project Talk Club series is designed for experienced leaders and is suited to Director, Senior Associate, Senior Manager or Junior Partner level in large organisations and professional services firms. Join us for session one to see what it's all about. 


Let’s talk about… Performance Conversations in a (post)-pandemic world.


At the core of optimum performance is shared purpose, trust, continuous improvement and accountability. The quality and regularity of performance focussed conversations can make or break performance in teams and individuals.


Performance discussions can be a stimulating exchange of ideas resulting in a genuine commitment to action and at the other extreme they can feel undignified and fill us with dread. It’s a fine line at the best of times. Throw into the mix a global pandemic and you may have a cocktail of stress and uncertainty that can undermine curiosity and the desire to learn.



  • Delayed or avoided critical performance discussions in the face of this disruption?

  • Found your team are stressed? Defensive?

  • Been limited in what you incentives can offer, even when people are thriving?

  • Softened feedback in order to show compassion while people are unsettled?

  • Had to manage a high performer who has slumped, or team member who has improved but not enough to justify the promotion they want?


You’re not alone. These dynamics can be tricky to navigate and finding the balance between safety and accountability is a crucial skill for leaders. Join us for a full session of practical tips and strategies to bring back the art of real dialogue.

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  • Watch a short video.

  • Participate in a two-hour session via Zoom.

  • Limit 20 participants per session.

Live Show Recording


Observe a simulated performance conversation, discuss it and explore alternate strategies and approaches.


Experienced leadership consultants will guide you through a process of exploration and collective learning with other leaders. They will also offer practical strategies and techniques to enhance the quality of your communication.

High Fives


Session One will help you:

  • Set clear expectations and generate accountability.

  • Create the conditions for candour and commitment.

  • Manage emotions, discomfort and defensiveness in yourself and others.

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