leadership & communication


Duncan Young Consulting helps organisations realise greater success by coaching individuals to be better leaders and communicators. 


Based on our core values of excellence and authenticity we help people to see new possibilities and embrace potential.


By working with Duncan Young Consulting participants will learn and adopt new skills faster, and to a higher level.

We achieve this by using experiential, action learning methods where the contribution of each participant plays an integral part in the learning process. It is a hands-on approach that allows theories of leadership, management and communication to be tried and tested. By using expert facilitation and professional actors in highly realistic case study simulations, learning comes to life.

These case study simulations allow participants to explore relevant issues and challenges through robust conversation and practical exercises.

These simulations take 3 primary forms: Interplay, Realplay and Replay.

Each of these methods is built on client specific research through which we develop a deep understanding of context and objectives. We create scenarios and scripts that bring relevant workplace issues to life in highly engaging and effective learning experiences.


Please contact us directly or see our programs page to find out more about expertise in the areas of Executive Coaching, Facilitation and Program Design.